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<God Complex> Comes to Elysium!

UdderBrudder / Feb 07, 2017
In February, 2017 God Complex established itself on the Elysium server intent on offering new and returning players alike a place to enjoy the vanilla experience without the pressures of retail life. It's mission: to offer players interested in the 'hardcore' experience the ability to play their character, their way, on a casual schedule.

Love theory-crafting, min-maxing, and taking your role seriously but wife, kids, and a job limiting your schedule? We feel you, so put your life priorities first and raid with us on the weekends. Just because you're busy shouldn't mean you can't play with the same vigor and desire that you did in just means you need to do it less frequently.

Help us grow, bring in players with a similar path, and stake our claim on the guild landscape of this amazing server!


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