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Legacy Gaming Network FAQ

The new Legacy Gaming Network releases an FAQ to answer all your burning questions...

Legacy Gaming Network Announcement!

Elysium and Crestfall announce collaboration and merging teams to bring a complete classic Warcraft experience.
UdderBrudder / Feb 07, 2017

In February, 2017 God Complex established itself on the Elysium server intent on offering new and returning players alike a place to enjoy the vanilla experience without the pressures of retail life. It's mission: to offer players interested in th...


A Journey into the Razor Fen Kraul...

by UdderBrudder on Feb 11, 2017 at 09:54 AM

Journal Entry, February 9th 2017:As we brought civilization to the centaur savages in Thousand Needles a call rang out looking for adventures to enter the Razor Fen Kraul. A warlock cried out for heroes strong in character and ability, and this Ta... Read More